For the past year, as the national discourse opened up conversations about sexual violence, artist Karen Hawkins found herself drawn deeper into her personal burden as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. These developing national conversations served as a catalyst in shifting her artistic direction toward this new and relevant work.


If you are a survivor and want to be a part of The Pink Bow Project,

please record your voice below.


Scattered on the floor of Austin artist Karen Hawkins' studio, are thousands upon thousands of pink hair bows.  These ubiquitous symbols of a girl's childhood and innocence have become the embodiment of Ms. Hawkins' artistic vision over the last few weeks.  As awareness and willingness to see the extent of sexual abuse becomes a national discussion, Ms. Hawkins felt the time was right for this monumental art installation.  

The exhibition opened on April 13th, in conjunction with National Child Abuse Prevention month.  To have your voice included in this art installation, please record your first name and the age when your abuse occurred. 

"My name is Karen, I was 10 years old."

Your voice will be included with the thousands of other voices who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.  Thank you for your support.